10 Best Relaxing Music for 2024

Best Relaxing Music for the New Age

Relaxing music has proven powerful health benefits and is the perfect accompaniment to meditation, concentration, quiet times, and any time when peace and complete tranquility are desired.

Therapeutic relaxing music has been shown to induce deep relaxation according to principles of science regarding our responses to sound and rhythm. Relaxing music such as in the following list, will calm the heart rate as it causes the brain to synchronize with the beat, producing a frequency from 8-14 hertz per second which causes an alpha brainwave state.

Stanford University Researchers found that listening to healing relaxing music can change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.

New Age Relaxing Music Best Sellers

Feeling tense after a long, stressful day? Are you looking for the most relaxing music to listen to for well-being practices such as yoga, massage or meditation? Then relax to the soothing sounds of the following hand-picked albums:

1. Serenity: Music For Meditation And Inner Peace


Serenity: Music for Meditation and Inner Peace will put your mind and body at complete ease, rejuvenating and nourishing your balance and harmony and restoring your vitality.

Created by Grammy Winner and Billboard Top 10 Best Selling Artist, Laura Sullivan, with a B.A. in Music and a Masters Degree in Psychology. This album is a valuable component for everyone s meditation, relaxation, yoga, mental, spiritual, and physical healing journey.

The specially created songs on Healing Music for Meditation and Well Being are produced with the deep intention of bringing on a remarkable sense of ease and uplifting listeners to a space of complete peace, making this the ideal soothing relaxing music CD.

The first four songs on the CD are more than 10 to 15 minutes long, making for the perfect length to get into a meditative space. Two additional bonus tracks of shorter versions of the songs are also included.

Meditate through the duration of each song, more than one song, or the entire album. Relaxing music can also be used for massage, yoga, sleep, studying, or at any time when tranquility, focus and an atmosphere of total bliss and relaxation are desired.

Included in the liner notes of the CD are suggestions for powerful affirmations that are unique to each of the songs, that can be used in mindfulness and meditation, to get the most from this most relaxing music.


2. Chakra Suite: Music for Meditation, Healing and Inner Peace

Chakra Suite uses the 7 musical keynotes to resonate and balance the 7 chakras. Originally released as Spectrum Suite, now celebrating its 40th anniversary. Excellent for meditation, relaxation and healing.

This chakra healing album tunes up and heals the chakras with sound, leaving you relaxed, energetically balanced, and at peace.

Each keynote of Chakra Suite adds swirling harmonics and overtones that deliver an extraordinary psycho-acoustic effect.

Steven Halpern

Listen with headphones and you will notice that the intricate inter weavings of atmospheric essences take on a 3-dimensional presence. They seem to tickle and energize the “inner ear” as well as the outer ones.

The track “Sonic Satori” highlights the power of sonic entrainment. First popularized by Robert Monroe, this psycho-acoustic technology engages a remarkable effect on brainwaves. I composed “Sonic Satori” in the frequency of the earth itself (about 8 cycles per second).

Here’s a simple way to use Chakra Suite to measure your own stress level, based on how stress alters the perception of time: As you listen, if the time between songs seems too long…you are stressed. If you don’t notice any space between songs…, you are stressed.

When you are relaxed you will find that the time between songs is perfectly attuned to the rhythm of a deep relaxing breath.


3. Music For Zen Meditation

Tony Scott, a celebrated jazz clarinetist, started collaborating with Japanese artists on a trip he made to the Japan. He returned in 1964 to teach classes in American jazz and ended up collaborating with koto player Shinichi Yuize and shakuhachi flute player Hozan Yamamoto on a dozen improvised collaborations.

Based on the Zen concept of beginner’s mind, a state of openness that leads to exploration, the Scott-led pieces predate the more modern concept of “ambient” by a good couple of decades. As music descended from temples and designed to ease the mind to a state of higher consciousness, it follows many of the same directives.

The gentle clarinet is complemented by the flute, with the koto, a 13-stringed zither, providing a comfortable contrast, though all three musicians appear on only a single track, the opening “Is Not All One?”


4. Deep Alpha: Brainwave Entrainment Music for Meditation and Healing

When finding the best soothing relaxing music, it is important to know that songs such as in this CD, with a BPM of 60 or lower, will calm the heart rate as it causes the brain to synchronize with the beat, producing a frequency from 8-14 hertz per second which causes an alpha brainwave state.

The songs on Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind are designed to bring on a sense of ease through repetition of musical phrases, and positive memory association, initiated to bring listeners to a happy space making this the ideal relaxing music CD perfect for meditation, music for massage, music for yoga, relaxing music for sleep, or just to wind down and relax after a long day at work.

All these special intentions of conception have formed a powerful album for deep peace and tranquility, bringing connection to spirit, mind and body.

Laura Sullivan is an established New Age Music and Grammy® Winning artist who is inspired and led to creation promoting holistic health of mind and body. She has a Bachelor s degree in Music and a Masters degree in Psychology.


6. Tim Janis Relaxation

A compilation of some of Tim Janis’ most popular and relaxing instrumental songs. Also included on the CD are 3 new instrumental pieces. This CD is a perfect companion for setting a mood for relaxation, meditation, and peace.

“My instrumental music can help you find deep relaxation, relieve anxiety, and find peace. My music incorporates relaxing sounds of nature and features flute music, piano music, harp music, & violin.”

-Tim Janis

Relax your mind during these peaceful instrumental pieces. Peaceful, relaxing music for meditation, work, study, yoga, spa, sleep, massage or general relaxation.


7. Timeless: The Most Relaxing Classical Music Ever – Laura Sullivan

Grammy Winning artist Laura Sullivan has transformed the sound of Classical music with her breathtaking arrangements, innovative instrumental style, and inspired collaborations.

The relaxing music on this album is all instrumental and consists of the calming and beautiful sounds of piano (Laura Sullivan), cello (Wojtek Slawinski), violin (Stanislaw Dziag), flute (Marcin Kaminski), clarinet (Bogdan Kraski) and English horn (Sebastian Aleksandrowicz). This amazing collection brings a fresh new sound and soothing richness to the greatest melodies ever composed.


8. Soaring Together – Soothing Guitar and Cello Music For Relaxation, Meditation and Well-Being – Ryan Judd

Composed and recorded by Ryan Judd and Kristen Miller, both Billboard Top 10 recording artists. Ryan is also a board-certified music therapist with a master’s degree in psychology, and Kristen Miller is a professional, certified sound healer.

The soothing music on this premium-quality CD slowly, gently relaxes you. You’ll feel peace and calm wash over you as tension and stress drain away.


9. Deep Relaxation 4 CD Set – Soothing Nature Sounds CDs plus a Calming Guitar with Ocean Waves CD

These nature and soothing guitar CDs are created by a music therapist specializing in the use of sound and relaxing music to help reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia.

These premium-quality CDs are great for creating white noise to drown out external sounds as they slowly, gently relax you. You’ll feel peace and calm wash over you as tension and stress drain away. You’ll drift into restful sleep. Plus, you’ll wake up refreshed next morning.


10. Tranquil Guitar CD – Soothing Music with Ocean Waves for Relaxation, Meditation and Sleep

Relax and sleep to the soothing sounds of gentle acoustic guitar with a calming ocean background with the Tranquil Guitar CD, a companion CD to the top-rated Sleep Soundly CD by Ryan Judd.



The above recommendations of relaxing music albums could be a great addition to your music collection. They’re perfect for relaxing before going to bed, while commuting or traveling, when you need some background music during work hours and even if you want some soothing music for yoga practice or massage therapy sessions.

These albums can help with stress management and relaxation techniques that will improve your overall well-being. So get ready to feel better by listening to these awesome playlists of the most calming songs ever!



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